our Approach

Wholesale Taken To Haute Couture Precision, Individuality And Magic

We develop unique and innovative solutions tailored for every client.

Our close network with buyers, shop owners and, moreover, long-standing friends.

Whether you’re ready to take the first step for international wholesale, or you just need a reliable way to outsource your sales,
we trailblaze the way to the right stockists.

our Services

Sales & Showroom

The holy grail and brands’ main headache. We are the cure for that.

Buyer relations

From breaking the ice with a global mastodon such a Harrods, Le Bon Marche, Galeries Lafayette and Farfetch, to squeezing a juicy five digit order in to your schedule, we’ve done it all.

Stock Optimization

Your previous sales campaign didn’t go well and you wonder what to do with unsold stock?

We are here to help transform stock in to cash.

Reporting and Brand insight

Investors favorite eye candy, our reports and brand insight have received praise at vice-president of sales level in houses like Burberry, Alexander  McQueen and Margiela.

Why Us?

A fully Bespoke and personal service

Rather than grouping an array of brands with the hope that one buyer will buy them all simultaneously, we work only on your brand so that you get the right stockists.

Organic Growth

20 years in the business means we know which stores are the right ones for you in order to ensure the store buys season after season.

Global Network

Having worked with the most renowned stores and brands worldwide, ou buyers are like friends to us and always enjoy catching up. 

6 Languages spoken

Buyers invite us to meet because we speak their language and we speak the language of fashion.

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