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/Bond/ Noun 1. A Relationship Between People Or Groups Based On Shared Feelings, Interests, Or Experiences .


“There Was A Bond Of Understanding Between Them”


Similar: Friendship, Relationship, Fellowship, Partnership, Association


The extra mile starts here:

Our 25 year experience handling buyer relationships makes us confident enough to open doors for our clients.

Buyers enjoy having a casual convo with us about what drives them, what inspires them and what is selling.

Blending the subjective with the figures is what we do best.

No time for pushing the wrong stores.

We open doors that otherwise would remain closed.

meet our team


Fashion. But Make It Digital.
20 years working within the fashion industry, speaking 6 languages, Paola has a proven track record developing international sales for emerging and established fashion houses.


Digital Mastermind.
8 years experience working within Digital Marketing and Business analytics for multinational and British corporations such as Mars, Coca-Cola and Vauxhall. Hands on ability to turn data in to strategic commercial insights, providing advice with a cross-expertise approach.

ready to collect orders from internationally renowned stockists?