The Bond Hug

/Bond/ noun 1. A relationship between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences .

"There was a bond of understanding between them"

Similar: Friendship, relationship, fellowship, partnership, association

Our marketing and sales story started in 2002 with a little company based in silicon valley headed by a guy a named Steve.

He wanted to make his ipod Less Geek

More Chic

so he got us to help.

Fashion was always our passion so when a quilted bag by Coco that needed a popularity boost ...

We stepped in.

fast forward 15 years and a lot has happened in this time...

However we're Still Here...Still Creating those Bonds.


Fashion. But make it digital.

20 years working within the fashion industry, speaking 6 languages, Paola has a proven track record developing international sales for emerging and established fashion houses.


Digital mastermind

8 years experience working within Digital Marketing and Business analytics for multinational and British corporations such as Mars, Coca-Cola and Vauxhall. Hands on ability to turn data in to strategic commercial insights, providing advice with a cross-expertise approach.
The Bond