Wholesale taken to Haute Couture precision, Individuality and Magic

Helping you save time and effort whilst elevating your business with some of the most reputable stores.

Our core values.

Linking great designers to great stores

Your hard work deserves to be appreciated by the right people.

With the right strategies and full understanding of the complexities of the fashion industry we:

Build brands in to businesses.

Not a showroom

We're not a space rental company.
We don't rent out a space for you to set up your appointments and sell your collections.

Not a digital platform

We're not an online database of designers that upload their contact list and lookbooks.

Not bound to the fashion calendar

We work around when you release a collection. Not the other way around

Not a mass mailing service

Yes, we contact buyers representing just your brand. This way they know we have contacted them with a purpose and brand we know they'll like.

Our Working Process



Our project starts with an in depth look at your brand and which stores we think you will be best in.

You send us your sales tools, past or present. 



We actively reach out to buyers that we know on behalf of your brand. 



Some buyers need a bit of time and space when making a decision.

We make sure that we follow up any opportunity at the right time in the right way. 



The part we all love. 

A Global buyer network.

Our close network with buyers, shop owners and, moreover, long-standing friends.

Whether you’re ready to take the first step for international wholesale, or you just need a reliable way to outsource your sales, 
we trailblaze the way to the right stockists.

Global Wholesale Buyer Networt

Hear it from one of our happy clients.

Interested in generating orders with stockists that embrace your brand?

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