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Abel Honor NY

We very much appreciate your work, as well as your understanding of what AHNY represents. You seem to have a great grasp on the identity of the brand, and a strong understanding of what we stand for.

JPB seems is a great store, and one that is very much aligned with our Aesthetic. We look forward to gaining more traction from the story you are telling. Thanks for your hard work and we look forward to everything coming together.

Even if we are based in Europe, we know a thing or two about American buyers. We know quite a lot of them for more than 15 years, having shared many memories and epic fashion moments together. One of these buyers was a big Siriano fan but she was not aware they did wholesale. So when we informed them, they were delighted to view the collection in Paris as they do not travel to New York. This 5 digit order made history because the buyer literally replied 2 minutes after receiving our email.

Christian Siriano


We recommended La Federation de l’Haute Couture et de la Mode de Paris that they invite Gravalot into the official calendar of Paris Mens Fashion Week . Our 20 year old relationship with M. Didier Grumbach and now M. Ralph Toledano made Onye Anuna’s dream come true: Gravalot’s collection “Child of the Sun” was introduced to press and buyers during a very emotional and edgy presentation in a Parisian gallery. French editors gave the collection raving reviews and final consumers got to discover Gravalot’s collection.